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Narie Juerian

Narie Juerian is a Korean sound artist who draws inspiration from spaces (공간). 

She has used the stage name ever since this tragicomic episode (Korean). She firmly believes "uniqueness is the mother of unlikeness" and continues to keep the core value in every aspect of her works. ​Being a semi-minimalist who aims for a simple life, she believes the philosophy of life affects her artistic world to some extent.

If one can be partially comprehended by what she loves, the following list would be it:

restrained and balanced style of tea and wine (actually she holds several wine qualifications such as WSET Level 3 and Italian Wine Scholar), DC heroes, Overwatch, ASMR, mechanical keyboards and SHINee. Her favorite composers are Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Bach, Ravel, Elgar, Sondheim, Zimmer, Guðnadóttir, Desplat and the Horigomes (KIRINJI). 


(2016 - Feb 2020) Graphitune (as a Wwise Certified School & music studio)

: Founder & (Korea's 1st) Wwise Certified Instructor

(2017 - Jan 2020) Audiokinetic

: Outsourced Reviewer for Korean Translation

— Wwise Documents (ver. 2017.1~2019.1), 

— Wwise Certifications (Wwise-101, 201, 251 & 301) 

— Audiokinetic's website & PR Articles

(2015 - 2017) ​​Freelance 

: Composer for Visual Media (film & game)

International Songwriting Competition 2011

: Semi-Final 

— Category: Instrumental; Submitted Track: Maiden Flight (Orchestral)


Audiokinetic | Wwise-135: Certified Instructor Program: Wwise Certified Instructor

Audiokinetic | Wwise-101, 110, 201, 251 & 301 End-User

AVID | Pro Tools 10, 11 Certified User

AVID | Pro Tools 10 HD Music Operator

BERKLEE ONLINE | Master Certificate in Orchestration for Film & TV (2012)

BERKLEE ONLINE | Master Certificate in Theory, Harmony & Ear Training (2011)

School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University, Japan | Bachelor's Degree in Global Political Economy (2012)

Gyeongbuk Foreign Language High School, S. Korea | Diploma in English and Japanese language (2006)




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